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Forge Physiotherapy offers tried and true diagnostic and treatment techniques which aims to not only alleviate pain and disfunction but to find and treat the underlying root of the injury. Whether you’re looking to recover from a motor vehicle accident, bounce back from a sports injury, or fix nagging pains and aches to get back to doing what you love best, our expert physiotherapists are armed with the knowledge and expertise to help you lead a better life.

Our physiotherapists work with clients in a one-on-one setting in a private room. This means the physiotherapist is entirely focused on you, and is not moving back and forth between multiple patients. This allows for the highest level of care, attentiveness and communication during your sessions.

Forge Integrated Health uses the latest in electronic record-keeping on our clients to keep a constant and effective line of communication between our physiotherapists and kinesiologists.

Session Types and Rates:


Your initial visit at Forge Physiotherapy is spent privately with our physiotherapists where they review your medical history, assess your current state and create a plan of action to treat your injury. You will be educated on the process and treatment methods that will be used to get you to your goals in the quickest, safest and most effective manner.

Treatment begins on the first session, if appropriate.

Initial Assessment and Treatment

  • 40 min


Based on your physiotherapist’s findings and plan of action dictated during the initial assessment, treatments can involve a variety of proven techniques including manual therapy, IMS, myofascial therapy and/or exercise therapy.

Our physiotherapists will provide the highest level of care and attentiveness, so that your level of comfort is maintained throughout your session.

30 Min Private Treatment

  • 30 minutes

45 Min Private Treatment

  • 45 minutes

60 Min Private Treatment

  • 60 minutes


No. Physiotherapists are university-trained medical professionals and primary care practitioners. This means that you have direct access to physiotherapy without a doctor’s referral.

Some extended health plans may require one for coverage. Please check with your insurance provider.

We can direct bill the following providers:
Pacific Blue Cross
RCMP, CAF, DVA (Medavie Blue Cross)

Please contact our clinic with your policy/claim number prior to your assessment and we can inform you on how much your plan covers or contact your provider directly to discover your plan’s specific coverage details.

Please note that you will be responsible for paying any difference that your plan does not cover at the time of your treatment.

If your provider is not on this list, it will be your responsibility to pay for your treatment out of pocket and submit your receipts for reimbursement through your insurance provider.

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In order to help us process your ICBC claim, please provide us with your claim number, doctor referral and date of injury.

Once we have this info, we will contact your case manager at ICBC to confirm funding.

If your MVA was on, or after April 1, 2019 and you are seeking treatment for the first time within 12 weeks of your MVA accident, you are entitled to 25 pre-approved physiotherapy treatments

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ICBC Physiotherapy User Fees

As of April 1 2019, if you have an ICBC claim, you have the following options for type of sessions:

Session Type Length User Fee  
Regular Session 20 mins no user fee
Extended Session 30 mins $10
Concussion Therapy  30 mins $20
  • For clients who have been in an MVA April 1, 2019 and beyond, ICBC will not be reimbursing your for these user fees.
  • If your MVA date is on or before March 31, 2019, then, these fees are usually recoverable as ‘special damages‘ in a tort claim against the at-fault motorist, therefore we advise you to keep your receipts.
  • Physiotherapy clients may be able to recover their user fees under private insurance plans regardless of MVA date. Contact your provider for more details.

Must have a valid ICBC claim to be eligible for these discounted rates. Inquire within.

MSP Coverage
If you are eligible; BC medical services plan will discount $23 per session for a maximum of 10 sessions throughout a calendar year.

MSP covers people for physiotherapy if their combined family income is below $30,000/year. You are entitled to 10 visits per calendar year in total for physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic. If you are unsure if you are eligible, our administrative staff can check for you. We just need your care card number to do so.

We apologize but at this time, our clinic does not have a contract with WCB and therefore cannot bill WCB directly for your claim.

You may still choose to receive treatment at our clinic for your claim, but you will pay for your treatment out of pocket and then seek reimbursement from WCB independently.

Please note, WCB will reimburse you at a set, pre-established rate. If there is a discrepancy between their rates and ours, you will be responsible for the difference. For more info, please contact your WCB representative.